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Planet Mercy Update 2021



Planet Mercy UK coordinated “The OutReach Project” at the beginning of the pandemic, bringing together Organisations and Institutions from around the borough to support those affected . 6 Organisations led by Planet Mercy UK distributed over 8,000 parcels in Rochdale, Oldham, Ashton, Heywood, Bolton, Bury, Middleton and Manchester over a period of 12 weeks.

Planet Mercy UK are currently still supplying 40-50 emergency Food Parcels weekly to affected families and individuals and are committed to supporting the needy for as long as the need arises. The Food Parcels contain bread, milk, tea bags, fruit, veg, snacks, pasta and hot food which is cooked weekly by local caterers and volunteers. Each food parcel costs between £13 and £15.


The Reach Project was launched to support families in need with household items and emergency financial assistance . To date, the project has assisted 137 Families with household items that vary from washing machines, gas cookers, fridge freezers to cutlery and baby items. Additionally we have supported 13 Families since the corona pandemic with household items, mainly families whose income has been affected and domestic violence victims under social care.


Our NHS have been amazing and to show our appreciation we provided 350 warm meals to staff at the Royal Oldham Hospital.

Planet Mercy UK’s outreach project has provided thousands of food parcels to Greater Manchester families affected by the pandemic.

Since March, the charity has provided over 3,000 food parcels in Bury, Bolton, Rochdale, Oldham and Manchester through Planet Mercy and partners.

After the second lockdown began on 5 November, the charity says the number of people requiring food parcels has increased massively, especially in areas with high infection rates.

Mohammed Moheeb, of Planet Mercy UK, said: “We have increased our numbers of volunteers to help get the support out to those in need. Support is also provided by Fareshare and Electricity North West who help with packing and distribution of parcels.

“Working with social workers, local councils (Rochdale and Oldham) and directly with Refugee and Asylum Seekers, volunteers have been shopping, collecting donations, packing parcels and distributing them door to door daily for eight months now. Morrisons in Chadderton has also been a huge help.”

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