1. Ramadhan Iftar Meals For Families In Need

    “whoever gives a fasting person something to break their fast with , whether that be a date or cup of milk will receive the reward of the fasting person without anyones reward being reduced, and whoever provides a full meal for a fasting person, allah ta alaa will grant him a drink on the day of judgement so he will not experience any thirst until he reaches paradise” (Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wa alihi wasalam) Team planet Mercy in association with Madina Mercy in Lancaster is providing daily Iftar Meals with partners to 150+ asylum seekers who are from various war torn countries and fleed persecution etc. (Syrian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Iranian, Burmese/Mayanmar) … These individuals are undergoing hardship and living on £8 a week in benefits. Total daily cost of Iftar is £750 per day. 1st Iftar already provided on day 1 of Ramdhan Each meal costs around £5 Total Cost for whole Month - £22,500 Kindly donate whatever you can afford, please reference as “Lancs Iftar” with the donation
    £325.00 donated of £22,500.00 goal
  2. Food Aid

    One of the greatest deeds in Ramadhan is to provide food for a fasting person. The prophet sallalahu alayhi wa alihi wasalam said that whoever does so, will receive the reward equal to the fasting person and if one provides a full Iftar meal, Allah will provide them a drink and they will not experience thirst until they enter paradise. This Ramdhan as in previous years, Planet Mercy are providing Food Rations/Aid to Families in Need. Each Food Pack will contain a variety of items that the families can use throughout the month of Ramadhan for cooking essentials etc. Items will vary from Flour, Meat, Rice, Chick Peas, Oil, Fruit, Veg, Snacks for their children. The recepiets will be families who have been receiving support from Planet Mercy and are still in need of support. Ramadhan is a month of generosity, please show your generosity towards those less fortunate , so in return, Allah ta alaa may bestow his mercy and generosity upon us all. Food Pack for Full Month £60 Or Contribute any amount you wish towards the project.
    £10.00 donated
  3. Refugee Support

    Since 2009 , planet mercy has been supporting people with Refugee/Asylum seekers status and has supported over 150 families in a variety of ways. These families come from war torn countries and we often find them in dire circumstances, both financially and mentally. Our team has provided support that ranges from financial , moral to tailored support that listens to their circumstances and addresses needs. Under this scheme we will be providing assistance that tackles gas and electricity top ups, money for childrens school uniform, household essentials , sanitry products and much more. We aim to raise £5000 that will allow us to reach a considerable amount of families. No amount is too small, please open your hearts and donate generously.
    £30.00 donated of £5,000.00 goal
  4. Homeless Feeds

    For a number of years the team has been feeding the homeless and needy in Manchester, Bolton and Preston. 100 – 110 lunches are provided which contain a variety of items including snacks. Through the service , our team has spent time with them, comforted them and occasionally dropped off winter essentials and other items. Each Homeless Feed costs around £150 to run. You can either sponsor a full feed or contribute partially towards it.
    £5.00 donated of £1,500.00 goal
  5. Community Kitchen

    One of the most virtuous deeds that one can do is “provide food”. Planet Mercy has been running community kitchens since 2009 and has provided over 10,000 hot meals. The kitchen opens its doors to struggling people from all walks of life , allows them to socialise with others, make friends , provide them with hot meals and an attentive ear. Through the kitchens we identify other needs of service users and provide them tailored support that varies from financial to welfare related. Each kitchen costs around £300 to run. You can sponsor a kitchen or donate towards it with any good intention.
    £55.00 donated of £3,600.00 goal
  6. Hardship Fund

    We have seen unprecedented challenges in recent times with the covid-19 pandemic and now rising cost of living driving families to poverty. The effects of it will be felt for some time and a lot of uncertainty lies ahead. In the last few years we have launched a “Hardship Fund” annually which has helped several families. The aim of the fund is to bring some form of support and relief to struggling families through difficult times. We aim to provide a one off financial support of £250 per family to eligible families. The Fund will be launched immediately after Ramadhan and open to families to apply for. Kindly sponsor a family for £250 or donate any amount you wish.
    £10.00 donated of £5,000.00 goal
  7. Zakat

    Zakat is not just a duty on those with wealth, but a right that the poor have over us. Planet Mercy uses your zakat in the most effective way possible to benefit the most needy and eligable. In the previous year we distributed £11,000 of Zakah to needy families and since our inception we have distributed in excess of £50,000 … 100% donation guaranteed.
    £1,115.00 donated