The Reach Project was originally launched in 2011, then named “The Khurshid Project” after a lady called “Khurshid” who our volunteers met at a Food Kitchen in the month of Ramadhan. She entered the UK as an asylum seeker with her disabled daughter. After hearing of her special circumstances, our eyes were opened to the harsh reality that even in a country like the U.K, there are many people in similar circumstances living below the poverty line and needy of our support.
“Kurshid” touched our hearts and we decided to formally initiate a project that would “reach” people from all walks of life. Gradually we came to know of many cases of needy people and to date have supported over 75 families.
The project was renamed to “The Reach Project” in 2017 and has been reaching out to the most vulnerable and needy of communities around the U.K.


Planet Mercy are working on the ground in local communities to help improve the lives of less fortunate. Over the years Planet Mercy have worked to help a range of individuals with a range of help. From financial, emotional and social support we have helped improve the lives of many people. Read about some of our success stories.