Food Aid

One of the greatest deeds in Ramadhan is to provide food for a fasting person. The prophet sallalahu alayhi wa alihi wasalam said that whoever does so, will receive the reward equal to the fasting person and if one provides a full Iftar meal, Allah will provide them a drink and they will not experience thirst until they enter paradise. This Ramdhan as in previous years, Planet Mercy are providing Food Rations/Aid to Families in Need. Each Food Pack will contain a variety of items that the families can use throughout the month of Ramadhan for cooking essentials etc. Items will vary from Flour, Meat, Rice, Chick Peas, Oil, Fruit, Veg, Snacks for their children. The recepiets will be families who have been receiving support from Planet Mercy and are still in need of support. Ramadhan is a month of generosity, please show your generosity towards those less fortunate , so in return, Allah ta alaa may bestow his mercy and generosity upon us all. Food Pack for Full Month £60 Or Contribute any amount you wish towards the project.

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