Ramadhan Iftar Meals For Families In Need

“whoever gives a fasting person something to break their fast with , whether that be a date or cup of milk will receive the reward of the fasting person without anyones reward being reduced, and whoever provides a full meal for a fasting person, allah ta alaa will grant him a drink on the day of judgement so he will not experience any thirst until he reaches paradise” (Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wa alihi wasalam) Team planet Mercy in association with Madina Mercy in Lancaster is providing daily Iftar Meals with partners to 150+ asylum seekers who are from various war torn countries and fleed persecution etc. (Syrian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Iranian, Burmese/Mayanmar) … These individuals are undergoing hardship and living on £8 a week in benefits. Total daily cost of Iftar is £750 per day. 1st Iftar already provided on day 1 of Ramdhan Each meal costs around £5 Total Cost for whole Month – £22,500 Kindly donate whatever you can afford, please reference as “Lancs Iftar” with the donation

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